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SWIFTPRO Fungus Killer 4kg (Mold Removal) for swiftlet farming
Price RM280.00 RM380.00
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Size (L x W x H) 22 cm x 16 cm x 33 cm
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It is an advanced formula for removal of molds, mosses, fungi as well as for general sterilization and deodorization purposes for swiftlet houses.

Product Benefits:-
- Non-poisonous
- Safe on humans and swiftlets
- Easy to apply
- Fast and effective results
- Environmentally friendly

Spray Fungus Killer for swiftlet houses on affected surfaces. After 20-30 minutes, wipe clean surfaces with a damp cloth and ensure that all molds, mosses and fungi have been removed. If necessary,  repeat the process.

Maintain swiftlet house at ideal humidity rate to prevent further fungi affection.