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Swiftlet Farming A Millionaire To Be 引燕技术 百万收入 by Koay MD
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This is a book written by the founder of our company.
It stresses more on skills and techniques in simple language and full colour illustrations.

Chapter 1 - The great heroes behind the scenes.
Chapter 2 - Swiftlet farming: a prosperous investment
Chapter 3 - Design a successful bird house
Chapter 4 - Aroma for bird house
Chapter 5 - Imitation bird sounds
Chapter 6 - Secrets of accelerating swiftlet's growth?
Chapter 7 - Predator management
Chapter 8 - Why does a bird house fail?
Chapter 9 - Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Note: Available in major bookstores such as Popular, MPH, Borders, Kinokuniya etc.
It is also available in Chinese version - 引燕技术 百万收入

单元 1: 伟大的幕后功臣
单元 2: 引燕业,蘕勃发展的投资
单元 3: 设计一间成功的燕屋
单元4: 燕屋芳香剂
单元 5: 引燕声
单元 6: 快速提升燕子成长的秘密
单元 7: 捕食者的控制
单元 8: 为何燕屋会失败
单元 9: 引燕业的前景
单元 10: 常见问题