RM175.00 - RM190.00
Hexagonal Tweeter 2"x5" Normal Coiled / Waterproof Coiled Tweeter for Swiftlet Farming
Price RM175.00 - RM190.00
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Size (L x W x H) 37 cm x 28 cm x 27 cm
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Seeing the swiftlets flying around and not being attracted to your external sound, this can be solved by using hexagonal tweeter. 

Hexagonal tweeter has 6-angle to play the sound to attract the swiftlets around.

It is suggested to install nearby entrance hole with 3-4 ft tall pole.

There are 2 types of hexagonal tweeters

1) Normal Coiled Tweeter - made of 2"x5" full copper coiled tweeter

2) Waterproof Coiled Tweeter - made of 2"x5" full copper coiled tweeter

*Tips on tuning the sound: You may refer to our customer service agents.