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Tweeter Connector / Twist-on Connector / Wire Connector / Cable Connector
Price RM6.50 - RM13.00 RM9.00 - RM15.50
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- Wire connectors are used to connect two or more wires together with the twist-on method.

- Small Connector - Can connect 2-3 speaker cables subject to cable diameter.

- Large Connector - Can connect 3-5 speaker cables subject to cable diameter.

- Frequently used as an alternative to terminal blocks or the soldering of conductors together, since they are quicker to install and, unlike soldered connections, allow easy subsequent removal for future modifications.

- Not often used on wire gauges thicker than AWG #10 (5.26 mm²), because such solid wires are too stiff to be reliably connected with this method. Instead, set screw connectors, clamps or crimp connectors are used.

- Typically used in electrical wiring systems for light switches, receptacles, ceiling fans, can lights, thermostat controls, HVAC, smoke/CO detectors, garage doors, doorbells, security systems, recessed lighting, signage and more.