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  • Ready to use Timer Board
  • Suitable to control Humidifier, Amplifier, Lighting and other electronic applicants
  • Built in Hager Timer EH711
  • Using SIRIM certified socket
  • Comes with SIRIM certified MAND 13AMP Plug Top 3Pin
  • Pure copper electric cable
  • Max support up to 13A current


MDK Nest Boosting Hormone 1L & 4L (Concentrated)

- Intensively increase the smell of swiftlets in swiftlet house to create the effect of big population in new house.

- Strong and effective aroma with affordable price.

- It is made of natural materials and safe for human and animals.

- Able to refresh the air in swiftlet house.

- No ammonia added.

MDK Dark Sky Aroma 4L [Swiftlet Farming]

Dark Sky Aroma came about in an accidental discovery when it was tested on a failed bird house. Groups and groups of birds were attracted into the bird house and many of them eventually stayed put.

The sky outside the bird house was swamped with excited birds, like dark sky -- hence the name DARK SKY AROMA!

- Master piece formulation to attract new swiftlet

- Encourage retention of own young birds

- Encourage mating & nest making

- Concentrated & proven effective