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EM⦁1 is an eco-friendly microbial product. EM⦁1 can be used for agrculture, livestock, aquaculture and environment treatment etc. by balancing a natural microbial composition that is safe for human and animal life and for nature.

EM⦁1 is a living culture, therefore the container with EM⦁1 may expand or shrink, and white flakes may appear on the surface. Some sendiment at the bottom of the bottle is natural.  is produced under the license of EMRO, Japan.


HACCP Certified
- Ideal for perimeter treatments around food and pharmaceutical production areas.
Allows for precision application / spot treatment using less chemical
Food and Beverage Establishments


Get rid of rats and mice with Storm® Rodenticide, a potent anticoagulant. With just a single feed, rats and mice will be gone in several days.

Affordable and dependable rodent control all year round
Storm® Wax Blocks are a trusted industry standard for reliable rat and mouse control. Very durable, stable and cost-effective baits, they are ideal for year-round protection of vulnerable areas. Their high levels of palatability and potency mean fewer bait pulses are needed to achieve control. It only takes a single feed for rodents – even ones with developed resistance to other baits – to consume a lethal dose.

  • Here comes the rats and other pest issues in your swiftlet houses when they are occupied with massive numbers of swiftlets. The vulnerable swiftlets are the tasty prey for those predators.
  • Here is the savior for the little swiftlets, mini steel trap as the front line barrier to predators.
  • Effective yet economic predator trap for entrance hole
  • Easy to use as shown in guide and video
  • It is a must item for those swiftlet houses with high occupation of swiftlets